MOW! is a multi-player (max 5 pers.) interactive puzzle game created by Thijs Eerens in cooperation with Ramon van Bezouw. The game consists of a square floor of 5 x 5 LED tiles, five lawnmowers with different colours and a big screen. The players have a to create lines between the blinking tiles with the same colour without the lines with other colours crossing each other. To do this, the players have to walk with the lawnmowers over the LED tiles. The colour of the tiles will adapt to the colour of the lawnmower when they are pushed over the tiles. (

In 2013 Thijs Eerens (a former teacher of mine while I was studying Communication & Multimedia Design) asked me to help him with the development of an interactive installation which would be exposed at Lowlands (a dutch festival). Without hesitation I agreed to help him out. In this project I developed an Adobe AIR application which handled the game logic and the visuals on the screen. Thijs Eerens developed the hardware and a Max MSP patcher which communicated with my application using Open Sound Control.