Music is an important part of our culture nowadays, but it's way more than that. Playing musical instruments has a positive impact on the development of our brains. Unfortunately children don't get in touch with making music that much. Together with Kyra Neve I developed a serious game to allow children to experiment a little with playing musical instruments and excite them for playing a real instrument. We called it Melodia! We worked on the concept and our research together. Besides that main responsibility and focus in this project was the the technical part of the game while Kyra took care of the design, music, animation.

Melodia is a world in which everything is based on music. The player passes a route through magical gates that can be opened only by playing instruments. Eventually, all instruments reach the final gate, behind which the singer of the band is imprisoned. When the instruments come together they form a band and can make music together, so they can free him. The game is played by using physical instruments which are designed to fit on a regular computer keyboard to grant the children a more realistic feeling of actually playing the instrument.

melodia1 melodia2 melodia3 melodia4